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Turner Prize-nominated artist Ciara Phillips invited people and communities from across the town to take part in Press Room, a participatory project using the daily newspapers and online sources. Throughout March 2019, participants made a day-by-day record of press coverage leading up to 29th March 2019, the date set for Britain to exit Europe.

A dedicated room in the library became a creative space for daily observations, cutting, pasting, scanning and copying a wide range of news material. For some sessions, Ciara was joined by local artists who contributed other perspectives on the process. A hardbound book documenting the month of news ‘as-it-happened’ by the people and communities involved will be printed as a record for Crosby Library.

Press Room took inspiration from the quote:

"[...] Friend, you stand on sacred ground
This is a Printing Office",
an extract from a text by Beatrice Warde (1932).

See the archive at www.press-room.co.uk